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Who said electric cars werent for high mileage drivers?

Electric cars are only for around town due to their limited range. That’s the general opinion of electric cars thanks to fears about running out of ‘lecky’.

But new evidence suggests that this is not the case. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Tesla, the electric car maker, was the most driven brand by miles in a new report compiled by the RAC Foundation.


Well, yes and no. The Tesla Model S has a potential range of 379 miles and with fast Tesla supercharging, it’s quick and easy to top up and continue the journey.

Nevertheless, it does show how far electric vehicles have come.

The Tesla brand topped out the chart with an average 12,459 miles a year. This was followed by the Mercedes-Benz brand (12,100 miles), Volvo (11,578) and Ford (11,488).

On average new cars cover 10,377 miles in each of the first three years after they are registered; the Tesla Model S averaged 12,392 miles.

The next highest mileage electric vehicle was the Nissan Leaf at 8241 miles followed by the Renault Zoe (5736).

The RAC Foundation compiled the data from the mileages collected from MOT tests at three years old and prior to the COVID-19 lockdown.

Steve Gooding, director of the RAC Foundation, commenting on the figures said:

“Tens of millions of people still drive petrol and diesel-powered cars, but this data suggests that owners of electric cars have found them to be a practical proposition, running up the sort of big annual mileages that many of us need to do, challenging preconceptions about their range and the ease of re-charging.”

The Kew Vehicle Leasing fleet of cars is electric already, and includes the BMW i3, and Tesla Model 3, while plug-in electric hybrid models include the BMW 330e.

Lee Jones, managing director of Kew Vehicle Leasing, says he’s not surprised by the higher mileage of electric cars.

“Range anxiety of electric cars is much talked about by non-EV owners, but once you drive an electric car it becomes much less of an issue. You learn when to charge it up and on longer journeys you plan them more carefully where range might be marginal.

“What I expect to see in a further three years’ time is an even greater uptick in mileages once the first Tesla Model 3 vehicles reach MOT time. With a range of over 300 miles for the Long- Range version, distance really is not a deterrent.

“And with all the new models due out this year, along with greater availability of already launched electric vehicles that have ranges beyond 250 miles it won’t just be Tesla models racking up the miles.”

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13th of May 2020

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